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A New Book about World Religions

Davit Tinikashvili and Zurab Jashi published a book “World Religions” in the framework of the project implemented by the Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development. The book will provide the readers with the information about basic information and basic moral of five leading religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism), as well as so called national religions and their approach to the universe.  The book was prepared with the financial assistance of the Evangelist Development Service (Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst EED).

Presidential Proclamation - Religious Freedom Day, 2012


For nearly four centuries, men and women have immigrated to America's shores in pursuit of religious freedom.  Hailing from diverse backgrounds and faiths, countless settlers have shared a simple aspiration -- to practice their beliefs free from prejudice and persecution.

Why State Wants to Collect Sensitive Personal Data
20.02.2012, Netgazeti

Netgazeti interviewed the member of Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA) Tamar Kordzaia on the issue of adoption of Georgian Law on Protection of Personal Data.
22.8 Million GEL for Patriarchate for Year of 2012

Similar to this year, 22.8 million GEL will be allocated for the Patriarchate of Georgia from the state budget for the next year if the Parliament adopts the budget plan for the end of 2012.

Shall Teaching of Orthodox Religion Become Compulsory in Schools?
Tazo Kupreishvili

One part of Georgian lawyers requests to make religious education– Orthodox Theology - compulsory in Georgian public schools. The lawyers think the Synod must work out corresponding educational program and teachers shall be selected from the Orthodox Church.

Restored Mosque in Akhaltsikhe Will Have Golden Dome
Gulo Kokhodze, Akhaltsikhe, Netgazeti

In accordance to verbal agreement between the Ministers of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia and Turkey, the Akhaltsikhe Mosque will be rehabilitated.
Religious Lessons in Public Schools
Davit Tinikashvili, Liberali

Part of society thinks introduction of religious studies in public schools might breach principles of democratic and secular state. However, the democratic norms and principles envisage and require similar education because in a liberal-democratic state only one confession cannot be supported and all others (of course we do not mean the ideologies which threatens healthy and safe development of the society) prohibited.
What Has Changed for Religious Minorities
Lela Dumbadze, newspaper “Batumelebi”

Mufti of Georgian Department of Muslims Jemal Paksadze thinks the legislative changes with regard to legal status of religious minorities were effective for them.
Public Registry Officially Registered Muslim Department and Assembly of Yazidi

Public Registry has registered two religious organizations Muslim department of Georgia and Assembly of Yazidi in Georgia. As InterPressNews was told by Public Registry, “Muslim department of Georgia” is registered as a legal entity of public law according to the decision of 15 July, 2011 and Assembly of Yazidi in Georgia on 20 September, 2011.
Georgia Adopts a New Law on the Status of Religious Organizations
Shorena Latatia, Human Rights House Tbilisi

On July 5, 2011 the Georgian parliament amended the Civil Code in an expedited way, within 5 working days, allowing religious organizations in Georgia to be registered as legal entities of public law. Some experts consider that the Georgian Parliament approved the amendment through violations of the bylaws. They also deem that amendment allows large interpretation of the norm, thus it requests better formulation.
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