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To Punish Public Hate or Not?
Salome Achba,

Should hate speech be punishable by law?! Lately, this question is frequently heard in Georgia. There are two approaches to publicly declared hate speech in the modern world – the American and the European. According to the European approach, hate speech is a criminal offence and thus not protected by freedom of speech. The American approach, on the other hand, does not impose any punishment for similar action.
Several Religious Confessions Disagree with Patriarchate’s Statement
Salome Achba,

On May 10, Representative of the Muslim Department Vagiph Akperov left the working meeting of the inter-religious group in the German House in protest. He was irritated by a statement from Thea Gogotishvili, representing the Patriarchate, about Aziziye Mosque. Gogotishvili said that Sultan Abdul Aziz was killing Christians and the construction of a mosque in his name in Georgia is the same as building a monument in Israel celebrating the Holocaust.
Government Requests Removal of the Cross
Lela Dumbadze,

Orthodox population of Adjaristskali village in Khelvachauri district set up a cross near the St. Mariam Church. The territory is on the balance of the Adjara Ministry of Economy and the local supervision service department thinks the parish illegally set up the cross on other’s territory and requested to demolish it.
Civil Society In Expectation of Practical Implementation of the Law
Salome Achba,

Amendments were introduced to the Criminal Code of Georgia short time ago. According to the new provision, aggravating circumstances will be applied to crimes committed on racial, religious, ethnic, sexual orientation and other discriminatory motives. Experts positively evaluate the law and hope it will act as preventive mechanism for various discriminatory actions. 
Religious Issues in Georgian Media
Salome Achba,

According to the media-monitoring results carried out by the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs [GIPA], out of religious issues Georgian media mostly reports about Orthodox holidays, construction of new Orthodox Churches and renovation of old ones, events organized by the Georgian Patriarchate and other orthodox ceremonies.
„Priest, Say NO!”
Paata Shamugia,

“If they order you to glory murder and war from the church pulpit, then only this remains: Say NO!” (Wolfgang Borchert “Only This Remains”)

I have not written blog-post for a long time and was not going to write one either. Moreover, I was not going to write about clergymen – everybody knows that senior clerics got rich a
Female Episcope –Weird for “Ordinary” Georgian Society
Davit Tinikashvili, Liberali On April 26, Rustavi 2-s TV-program “Profili” made a surprise for its audience and introduced Georgian female episcope Rusudan Gotsiridze to us, who spoke about her personal life.
Religious Minorities in the Labyrinths of Georgian Bureaucracy
Salome Achba, Manon Bokuchava

“They red taped our procedures only for one reason – we were representatives of religious minorities”

Representatives of the Evangelist-Protestant Church allege that the Rustavi City Administration has created bureaucratic barriers for the registration of their chapel in Rustavi. Pastor Giorgi Chitadze spoke about the problem with
Vaishnavism Holiday in Tbilisi
This article is available only in Georgian.
Law Prohibits Churches and Temples in Public Schools but Reality Is Different
Salome Achba, 

There are many people in the school yard. Parents are standing in small groups and impatiently waiting for their children; supposedly the first half of the day is seemingly coming to an end. I am looking for the entrance to the Church located inside the school-building. I can enter the church through this entrance instead of using the main one.

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