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Saakashvili: Catholic Community is 'Devoted Foundation of Georgia's European Choice'
Civil Georgia

In a message for Georgian Catholic community, congratulating on Easter, President Saakashvili said that “the Catholic parish of Georgia was historically, as well as in present day, a devoted foundation of the European choice of our country.”
Yellow Card to Murman Dumbadze
Salome Achba,
Photo: Radio Freedom 

Georgian nongovernmental organizations sent symbolic yellow card to oppositionist politician Murman Dumbadze for his xenophobic statements. The NGOs protested his xenophobic statement in one of the media-organizations at the press-conference on April 5.
NGO Statement Against Xenophobia, Religious and Ethnic Intolerance 

Lately, representatives of various political parties made statements containing signs of xenophobia, religious and ethnic intolerance through various media sources (TV-Channel 25, newspaper Kronika, etc). The authors of those statements supposedly tried to use ethnic and religious belonging as main tool to gain votes during the elections.
Persecution of Jehovah Witnesses in Public Defender’s Report
Tazo Kupreishvili, netgazeti

Kareli district prosecutor’s office launched investigation on criminal case under the article of religious persecution several months ago. Orthodox clergyman physically and verbally insulted Jehovah Witnesses.
Bishop Yobi: Synod Appeals to the Government Regarding ID Cards

Holy Synod decided to appeal to the Government of Georgia regarding electronic ID cards in order to create alternative cards “which will not have chips and number 666 in them.” Bishop Yobi, Mitropolist of Urbnisi and Ruisi Eparchy and Member of the Holy Synod, informed the parish about it in the Ruisi Cathedral during preaching. 
Hate as Aggravating Circumstance
Ani Chankotadze,

Amendments to Criminal Code of Georgia were discussed at a meeting in Heinrich Boell Foundation. According to amendments, hate is considered to be an aggravating circumstance of criminal offense.
Aggravating Circumstance to Apply to Crimes Committed on Intolerance Motives
On March 27, 2012 The Parliament approved relevant amendments to the Criminal Code of Georgia with its third and final reading. 
Freedom of Religion and Rights of National Minorities in Public Defender’s 2011 Report to the Parliament
On March 28, 2012 in accordance to the Article 22 of the Organic Law of Georgia about Georgia’s Public Defender the Ombudsman presented the 2011 report about the situation in human rights and protection of freedoms in Georgia to the Parliament of Georgia. Traditionally, separate chapter is dedicated to freedom of religion and rights of national minorities in the report.

Jehovah Witnesses Face Problems Because of Obligatory Military Service
Salome Achba,

Jehovah witnesses Omar Aznaurashvili and Bondo Javakhishvili faced problems when military commissariat at the Isani –Samgori district administration recruited them to obligatory military service. Aznaurashvili and Javakhishvili are recruits but the Georgian law discharges them from obligatory military service due to their religious faith. Despite that, the Isani-Samgori district administration’s military commissariat has summoned them to serve in the armed forces.
Religious Poetry Unified Orthodox, Baptist and Faith Full Gospel Church Believers
Salome Achba

Center of Christian Women organized an Evening of Religious Poetry in the Caucasus House on March 20. Art of representatives of various Christian confessions – Orthodox, Faith Full Gospel and Baptist Churches – were presented at the evening. The Center of Christian Women unifies female believers of nine various confessions. Currently, charity is the main activity of the organization. 

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