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Discussion – Religion and Human Rights
Salome Achba,

Interrelation between religious dogmas and fundamental human rights; the role of religion, as institutional system, in the legitimacy of governments; problems in Georgian secularization – these were topics of public discussion hosted by the organization Identity on March 15.
Dispute about Aziziye Mosque
Salome Achba,

Negotiations between Turkish and Georgian Culture Ministries about restoration of Turkey based Georgian temples have reached last phase. Representatives of the Georgian Ministry of Culture state the parties are working on the final version of the agreement which will be signed in near future.
Penalty increases for Crimes Committed on Grounds of Religious, Ethnical, Racial, Sexual and Other Discriminative Motives
Salome Achba

According to the amendments to be made to the Criminal Code, committing crimes on the grounds of religious, ethnical, racial, sexual and other discriminative motives is considered to be an aggravating circumstance. Amendments have already been submitted to Parliament.
Imaginary, Timid and Compulsory Decision for Religious Equality
Davit Tinikashvili,

On February 29th of 2012, new website was presented in the hotel Tbilisi Marriot. The seminar was held afterwards on the issue of new amendments adopted in the Civil Code concerning the registration of religious organizations. Human Rights Center organized the event.

Giorgi Tughushi: “No firm consensus reached unfortunately on the principles of tolerance yet”
05.03.2012, Tamta Beliashvili

Ombudsman of Georgia Giorgi Tughushi attended the presentation of new website of Human Rights Center - - in the hotel Tbilisi Marriot on February 29th. He also participated in the discussion on the new amendments adopted in the Civil Code concerning the registration of religious organizations. Georgian Ombudsman briefly reviewed the problems of religious minorities and assessed the recent amendments as a progressive step. We presents the full speech of Georgian Ombudsman.

Liability for Crimes Committed on Religious or Ethnic Motives to Be Stricter
 06-03-2012 , Interpressnews 

The criminal liability for any crime committed on racial, language, religious, national or ethnic grounds will become stricter. The relevant amendments are drafted for the Criminal Code of Georgia.
Human Rights Center’s New Website and Seminar About Problems of Religious Minorities
Tamta Beliashvili

On February 29, the Human Rights Center and Oslo Coalition on Freedom of Religion and Belief presented a new website in the Hotel Tbilisi Marriott. The second part of the meeting was dedicated to the Seminar “New Amendments to the Civil Code about Registration: Expectations and Result.”
Religion and Law
Analytic article, 

“Human Rights and Religion” – book by Valeri Loria, Baadur Gelashvili and Manana Bendeliani is discussed below. (Publication Tobalisi, Tbilisi 2006).
Human Rights and Religion is a guidebook in the sphere of religious freedom. The authors consistently describe all documents which are adopted by UN, Council of Europe and OSCE in the matters of freedom and protection of religion and confession. The book talks not only about the priorities of international organizations in this sphere but the provisions and the circumstances which are essential for protection of freedom of religion and confession.

Sandro Baramidze
Dangerous Imbalance

Confrontation between the followers of ideals of Liberal and Orthodox ideologies is ongoing. It is good that the passions have abated, the physical fighting stopped and the ideological battle gave place to discussion and removed to the press pages, social websites and TV and radio studios. However, the situation is still hard. The tone of discussions and phraseology is still aggressive and intolerant. It seems like neither side wants to find the compromises; or in the best case scenario, the compromise is understood as a victory on the viewpoint of the opponent; and all the opponent can is to put up with the loss and obediently refute what he has been claiming so vigorously.  
Registration of Religious Organizations as Legal Entities of Public Law
Discussion at Heinrich Boell Foundation, 2011

The reaction of the Georgian public to the adoption of "The Rule of Registration of Religious Organizations as Legal Entities of Public Law”, endorsed in July 2011 by the Georgian Parliament, was not homogenous. What positive or negative results could bring the ratification of the new legislation, does its adoption carry any potential threats for the society, what are the threats foreseen by the Georgian Patriarchate with the adoption of the new legislation, how the state had to negotiate the issue with the Patriarchate of the Georgian Orthodox Church, why the public reacted so sharply to the new legislation... – these were the questions raised by the participants of the HBF discussion on the topic of “Registration of Religious Organizations as Legal Entities of Public Law.”
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